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~ Anniversary · Farewell reception party ~ Tokai first! 120 minutes with Matcha fondue 120 yen with drinks 5000 yen → 3480 yen (with alcoholic drinking)

~ Anniversary · Farewell reception party ~ Tokai first! 120 minutes with Matcha fondue 120 yen with drinks 5000 yen → 3480 yen (with alcoholic drinking)

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  • All-you-can-drink available
    Adult Premium Drink BAR

Being captivated person! Continuing! Kyoto Gion 's topic "Matcha Fondu" is the first to land in Tokai! "【What is Matcha Fondue ...?】 → Fruit and other ingredients to Matcha Chocolate Sauce It is a sweetness of a new sense that sweetness of chocolate and the bitterness of matcha collaborated with! (^ ^)! Enjoy thick rice cooked green tea fondue ★

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~ Matcha Fondu de Birthday course ★ ~

Tokai for the first time! Matcha fondue to the course ★ Please use on birthday · anniversary ♪ All course with drinks (LO 90 min) course ★

□ hors d'oeuvres □

Kihadamagro and grilled small vegetables Mikui

□ Soup (Chopstick Steamed) □

Royale tic of Chikkriier ~ Madera sauce ~

□ Poisson □

Salmon Dugrere - a lot of white wine sauce ~

□ Salad □

Organic salad where producers can be seen

□ Viand □

Grilled beef fillet meat with western vegetable water crew bouquet ~

□ De-saler □

Matcha fondue plate

All-you-can-drink menu

· Sapporo draft beer black label <barrel> premium alcohol free shandiga flemon beer
· Laurel glass
· Oolong Hi Green Tea High / Yuri Potato Wheat
· High Ball (Lemon · Orange · Grapefruit) Double Lemon High Ball Ginger High Ball Cork High Bowl Pineapple High Ball
· Glass wine (red · white)
· [Please choose either red or white] Lemon Orange Grapefruit
· Black plum wine red plum wine white plum wine ume kaku (pink grapefruit · white peach)
· Mojito raw lemon heat raw grapefruit mojito raw orange mothe yuzu mo moat
· Spinning sparkling wine (fresh lemon · fresh orange · fresh grapefruit · pine · lemon · plum) Sparkling wine (plain · fresh lemon · fresh orange · fresh grapefruit)
· Lactating squeezed double lemon sour punch Lemon sour Limoncello lemonade sour
· Citrus grapefruit sour citrus orange sour pineapple sour man plum sour
· Lamb Hai Lamb High Orange Lamb High Healthy Lamb Hai Pain Lamb Hiy Coke Lamb Hai Ginger Lamb Hai Plum Lamb Hai Yuzu
· Risetto Cassis (Orange · Grapefruit · Soda · Oolong) Risette Peach (Fuzzy Navble · Oolong) Dryzine (Tonic · Lime · Back) Eris Toft Vodka (Tonic · Bulldog · Moscow Corner · Screwdriver)
· Non-alcohol Shandiga Funo Alcohol Cranberry Vian Non alcoholic Panache Shark's Sparkling Ginger (Lemon · Pine · Lemonade)
· Apple Vinegar Cranberry Cranberry Burst Hand-squeezing Wind Cranberry Lemonade Cranberry Vanilla Sheikh Tropical Lassie Asian Collins Amazon Peach Tropical Peach Amazon Orange Sweet Sake Calpis
· Mango Mojito Peach Mojito Strawberry Mojito Blueberry Mojito Ginger Mojito Mango Tea Soda Blueberry Tea Soda Reggae Punch Ginger Strawberry Calpis Mango Calpis
· Orange juice grapefruit juice Coke ginger ale Calpis oolong tea green tea jasmine tea
· Cranberry Juice Pineapple Juice Yuzu Squash Okinawa Pineapple Squash Man Plum Squash Seto Inland Lemon Lassie Okinawa Shikwasa Squash Lemon Peeled Ice Lemonade Lemon Peeled Lemon Squash Apple Vinegar Squash Hot Coffee Ice Coffee
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